Acunetix is one tool that all organizations must have in their arsenal. It is a multi-purpose, multi-function, versatile tool. Primarily a DAST, it has IAST capability through its proprietary Acusensor technology. In addition, Acunetix can scan your network and provide you with vulnerability management platform.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Acunetix WVS

Acunetix will find vulnerabilities in your websites and web APIs. Fix identified security issues to avoid breaches and prevent hazards at the earliest stages of the SDLC.

Acunetix integrations are designed to be easy. For example, you can integrate Acunetix scans in your CI/CD pipeline with tools such as Jenkins in just a few steps.

Acunetix also integrates with issue trackers such as Jira, GitLab, GitHub, TFS, Bugzilla, and Mantis. For some issue trackers, Acunetix also offers two-way integration, where the issue tracker may automatically trigger additional scans depending on the issue state.

Acunetix offers its own API that you can use to connect to other security controls and software developed by third parties or in-house. In the case of enterprise customers, Acunetix technical experts will help you integrate the tool within atypical environments.

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) AcuSensor

Integrate Acunetix in early in your SDLC - scan your builds by integrating with CI tools like Jenkins and then integrate it with issue tracker such as Jira.

Acunetix can be integrated with Web Application Firewall to provide immediate patching of your web application while the development team fixes the vulnerabilities.

Acunetix as IAST

Vulnerability Management Acunetix 360

Acunetix is enterprise-class web vulnerability assessment and web vulnerability management solution. Acunetix 360 is designed to be a part of any enterprise environment by providing multiple integrations as well as options to integrate within custom contexts.

Acunetix 360 is perfect for enterprises because it strongly focuses on integration. In addition to a wide array of issue trackers, Acunetix 360 can also be very easily integrated with CI/CD solutions and team messaging tools.

Acunetix 360

Acunetix Advanced Partner

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