Database Security

Keeping data secured in the database posses biggest challenge to businesses. Both internal and external threats coupled with consequences due to data loss makes the issue much more challenging. Due to enormity of the problem, regulatory and industry compliance make it mandatory that the database activities be monitored for application users and internal users who have direct access to the database.

We leverage Imperva's industry leading solitions to secure your data and assist you to meet your compliance requirements:

1. Audit all access to sensitive data by privileged and application users
2. Alert or block database attacks and abnormal access requests, in real time
3. Detect and virtually patch database software vulnerabilities reducing the window of exposure
4. Identify excessive and dormant user rights to sensitive data
5. Accelerate incident response and forensic investigation with advanced analytics

Platform Coverage: Oracle, MS-SQL,IBM DB2 (including z/OS and DB2/400), Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Progress, Teradata and Netezza

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