Files Security

Monitor, Audit and Control Access to Sensitive File Data

Identify who owns their file data, which users have access rights, and who is actually using the data. These core capabilities are critical to delivering file security and managing file data efficiently day-to-day.

We leverage Imperva's industry leading solitions to secure your data and assist you to meet your compliance requirements:

1. Identify excessive user access rights and enable a complete file rights audit and review cycle
2. Audit all access to files including access by privileged users and applications
3. Alert on, or block, file access requests that violate corporate policies
4. Identify data owners
5. Accelerate incident response and forensic investigations through centralized management and advanced analytics

Platform Coverage: Oracle, MS-SQL,IBM DB2 (including z/OS and DB2/400), Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Progress, Teradata and Netezza

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