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Odds are stacked against website owners

Incidents of web site hacking are increasing at a phenomenal rate, cybercrime is on the rise. Cybercrime is costing businesses over a trillion dollars in losses worldwide. Companies are blackmailed that the stolen data would be sold in the black market. Even law enforcement cannot protect you. Against this backdrop studies have found more than 70% of web sites can be hacked.

Are you sure your website is protected?

It is a misconception that firewall and SSL will protect your data from being compromised. Your web site is not safe because you have SSL or your web hosting company provides firewall and all the network protections. Unfortunately, all the network protections (firewall, SSL, and like) are not effective against attack on web applications. This is because network has to keep access to the web site open and that is the route hackers take to attack web sites.

Are you going to wait till you find out? It may be happening as you are reading this and you may never know.

Prevent + Detect + Block

Prevent: Find the vulnerabilities and fix them before the hackers find out. Using Acunetix Web Application Scanner, periodically scan your web site and prevent being hacked.

Detect: Monitor web application in real time with Web Application Firewall (WAF) and protect database with Database Firewall (DAF). WAF and DAF come in hardware, software, and cloud solutions and will detect an attack in real time.

Block: Set policies on your Web Application Firewall and Database Firewall to block the attacking request.

Why are web applications at security risk?

Easy target
 More than 70% websites are vulnerable (studies)
 SSL, Network, OS securities cannot protect web apps.
 Attack passes as normal traffic through the network and firewall
 Only getting attention recently
Lucrative Easy access to confidential information - identity theft is a huge market
Low investment and high returns mean high ROI for a hacker
 Large number of software professionals without jobs -layoffs or fresh out of schools/colleges

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