Cybersecurity for Small-Medium Businesses

Basic steps to protect your business

  • As a small or a medium business owner cybersecurity might not be their highest priority. However, a cybersecurity incident can be detrimental to your business, customers, and employees. It is vitally important that you understand and manage the risk to your business and proactively manage it.
  • A strong information security program can help your organization gain and retain customers, employees, and business partners. Customers have an expectation that their sensitive information will be protected from theft, disclosure, or misuse. Protecting your customers’ information is an example of good customer service and shows your customers that you value their business, potentially increasing your business opportunities.

Awareness Education

  • We will develop a well planned campaign to educate and train your non-technical employees.
  • Engage your employees to be part of security solution.

Cybersecurity Basics. Simple things you must do.

There are several basics steps you need to take to started. For stater, engage your employees through awareness education AND have a plan. We can help you get started towards improving your organization's cybersecurity posture.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Education. Easy and fun way to learn.

From a catalog of over 2000 resources, we are sure to build a program for your employees that will be fun and easy to learn. One of the easiest method hackers use to get you to inadvertently give your valuable information is to use phishing emails. Through our campaign of simulated phishing, your employees will learn how to identify various types of phishing and stay clear of them.

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And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

Basic cybersecurity steps + Awareness education = your employees are ready to face malicious activities.

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