With the number and severity of breaches increasing each year, incident response plans must become a critical component of any organization's business strategy. How do you keep your cybersecurity skills current and stay ahead of cyber threats? We believe knowledge is the most powerful tool to fight cyber-crime. Through our awareness training, we empower all your employees within your organization with security awareness training to stay cyber-secure at work and home. In addition, we can also help your IT and security professionals advance their careers with a full regimen of certification and skills training.

Developed by our cybersecurity education partner, Infosec Institute, together we will achieve:

  • Educate and empower your employees
  • Adopt better cybersecurity habits
  • Engage in training and assessments
  • Report simulated and in-the-wild phishing emails
  • Become active contributors to security

2,000+ training resources in different lengths, styles and languages. As your service provider, we will handle all aspects of employee training including implementation, management and reporting.

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