Security and Compliance Management

Many hacking attacks are not found days after the attack has taken place. That means, if your web site is being hacked right now and data is being compromised, you don't know about it. Businesses cannot afford to compromise data, customer information, employee data or be out of regulatory or industry compliance. The challenges of protecting the web site and the data are daunting and yet the solutions are simple and known. Learn More >>

Web Application Security

Web Application Scanner
Detect vulnerabilities in web application including detection at code level. Comply with PCI requirements.

Awareness Education

ebusinessmantra is excited to announce a new security awareness training service for our clients. Engaging employee security awareness training is an effective way to protect your organization from threats like phishing.

Our new security awareness training solution, Infosec IQ, will teach your employees how to detect and avoid malicious content through attention-grabbing training modules and realistic simulations. Infosec IQ includes 2,000+ training resources in different lengths, styles and languages to inspire a culture of security at your organization.

Managed Security Provider

As your service provider, we will handle all aspects of employee training, including implementation, management and reporting.

This will help your business to:
  • Prevent data breaches and other security incidents.
  • Meet and track security awareness compliance requirements
  • Save time and money with automated course delivery, management, and reporting
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Check with Acunetix if your web site is hackable.

Small-Medium Business Security Solutions

For most businesses, gaining web presence is the easiest of all tasks. With the availability of inexpensive tools to free online services, putting together a compelling looking web site has become very easy. However, that is where the problem lies; these days anyone can build a website, but very few can build a web site that is secure. Contact us and we will help safeguard your web site from hackers.

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